How to Add CSS Styling to An Element When Going Over it (on Hover)

Oliver Carmont
2 min readFeb 13, 2021
How Do You Add CSS Styles on Hover? Source: Jamie Street

New to CSS? Not sure how to add styles on hover?

Luckily for you, it’s pretty easy 😄 Here’s how it’s done:

Let’s Make a New Link 🔗

<a class="link">Hover Over Me!</a>

Now, let’s add a few styles to this link:

.link {
border-bottom:2px solid red;

Your link should now look something like this: (Click “Run Pen”)

Now to make the magic happen, we’re going to add a new selector in the CSS file.

.link:hover {
border-bottom:2px solid black;

So all that’s needed to change the styles on hover is to use the :hover selector on the HTML component you wish to alter. In this case, we’ve decided to change the color of the text and border as well as adding a transition time.

Try it out for yourself in the Code Pen below:

Want to do it with an image or div? It’s the exact same!

All you need is a “:hover” CSS selector on your chosen element:

.image:hover {
.container:hover {

That’s All Folks!

That was how you can adjust element styles on hover in CSS.

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