How to Make a Python Slack Bot in 2022

Oliver Carmont
5 min readJun 29, 2022

Welcome to this tutorial! 🛠️ If you would prefer this in video format, watch the youtube video above 🎥. Otherwise, follow these very simple steps to create your first Python Slack Bot! 🤖💙💛

Without further at due, let’s get right into this tutorial 🍻:

1- Go to and Click “Your apps” 📱

Make sure you’re logged into your workspace!

2- Select “Create an App”

Press “Create an App”

3- Select “From Scratch” and Name Your Bot 🔡

Click “From Scratch” on the pop up and then name your bot and select a workspace.

4- Hit “Bots” 🤖

Select “Bots” From the Menu

5- Click “Review Scopes to Add” 🔭

Hit “Review Scopes to Add” on this new page.

6- Scroll Down And Click “Add an oAuth Scope” ➕

Then scroll down until you see “Scopes” and Click “Add an oAuth Scope”

7- Select “chat:write” From The Dropdown Menu 💬

In the drop-down menu select “chat:write”

8- Finally, Scroll Up And Click “Install to Workspace” ➕

Oliver Carmont

UI/UX Designer that produced tech tutorials in Berkeley, CA.