How to Make Your Own Mr. Robot Logo in Under 3 Minutes

Cool font eh? Almost as cool as Elliot Alderson! 👨‍💻️

Think it took a long time to make 🕰? Thing Again!

If you want to make your own text using the Mr Robot font type, simply follow the quick steps below:

1. Go to The Mr Robot Font Editor on FontMeme 🌐

To begin creating your own custom text, follow this link: (no affiliate attached)

Great job, you’re almost there!

2. Scroll Down to “Font Preview” 🔠

Scroll down the page you traveled to in the last step until you reach a section with a subtitle Font Preview.

Once you’ve reached this section of the page, go straight onto the next step!

3. Place Your Custom Text in The First Input And Click “GENERATE”

Place your custom text in the first input circled in the first dark violet shown above.

Once you have entered this text, click “GENERATE” located shortly as a bright red button.

You should now see a preview of your new logo as shown above!

4. LAST STEP: Download Your Image

If you right-click on this image you will be able to download it onto your desktop.

For a Mac: Press “control” + touchpad click

For a Windows: Press “shift” + “F10”

By scrolling to and clicking on “Save Image As…”, you should be save this image to your desktop or wherever you want to keep it! (Psssst. Make sure to keep it somewhere secret where Elliot won’t find it!)


You should now have a saved, custom Mr Robot logo 👨‍💻️!

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Oliver Carmont

Oliver Carmont


UI/UX Designer that produced tech tutorials in Berkeley, CA.